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"Agent Commercial Immobilier"

Are you looking for that perfect French property to buy? Everything French Real Estate is owned and operated by Australians living in France who can guide you through the French Real Estate Market and help you find your perfect French Property.

So you the homebuyer will be represented in the transaction. Did you know that when you call the name on a for sale sign that is the listing agent, they are employed by the seller.

They are hired to market that home. When you choose to use a buyer agent you are hiring an agent to represent you the homebuyer. The relationship works much the same as a listing agreement does for a seller; you will be ask to sign a buyer agency agreement agreeing to work with the agent for a certain amount of time to locate and negotiate the purchase of a suitable property, the agent is normally paid at the closing out of the sellers funds. Check out this website for more details about property .

Real Estate Viewing Services
Have you found the prefect property online and need someone to inspect it for you? We offer a comprehensive Real Estate and Property Viewing Service that gives buyers an independent report on Real Estate Properties they are interested in purchasing.

Buyers Agent
We represent the buyer and help them find their perfect piece of French Real Estate

Real Estate Buying Tours
Our Real Estate Buying Tours are tailored to introduce buyers to the French Real Estate Market. 

We provide a range of information about French Real Estate and buying a property in France.

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